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Catalog  : Fittings, Hose and Hose Clamps : Midland Metal Mfg

Barstock and Forged Brass Fittings:

Pipe Fittings
Hose Barb Fittings
Push-On Barb Fittings
Garden Hose Fittings
SAE 45 Flare Fittings
JIC 37 Flare
Inverted Flare Fittings
POL(Bottled Gas)
Compression Fittings
Flareless Fittings
Push-in Fittings:
    Brass Push-in Fittings
    Nickel-Plated Push-in
    Nickel-Plated Metric Push-in
    Composite Body Push-in
    Composite Metric Push-in
Grease Fittings
Air Brake Fittings:
    Air Brake-Nylon Tubing
    Air Brake-Copper
    Air Brake-Hoses/Ends
    D.O.T. Push-in
    Air Brake-Accessories
Specialty Valves and Cocks:
    Drain Cocks
    Shut-Off Cocks
    Air Cocks
    Needle Valves
Specialty Valves
Mini Ball Valves & Check Valves

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Brass Fittings: Pipe, Hose Barb,
                              Garden Hose, SAE 45 Flare
Brass Fittings: JIC 37 Adapters,
                              Inverted Flare Bottled Gas, Compression
                              Fittings, Flareless, Push-Ins
Brass Fittings: British Pipe,
                              Steel Grease, Air Brake, D.O.T., Drain
Brass Fittings: Shut-Off Cocks,
                              Air Cocks, Needle Valves, Instrumentation,
                              Specialty Valves, Check Valves
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