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Catalog : Fittings and Hose

Section 3: Hose Fittings
-Air Line Hose Barbs -1
-Air Line Hose Barbs -2
-Brass Hose Barb Ferrules
-Winshield Washer and Vacuum Hose Fittings -1
-Winshield Washer and Vacuum Hose Fittings -2
-Hose Clamps
-"Push-To-Connect Tube Fittings" -1
-"Push-To-Connect Tube Fittings" -2
-Brass Tube Fittings for Plastic Tubing -1
-Brass Tube Fittings for Plastic Tubing -2
-Push-To-Connect Air Brake Fittings -1
-Push-To-Connect Air Brake Fittings -2
-Brass Ball Valves
-Air Brake Hose Assemblies
-Air Brake Nylon Tubing
-Air Brake Copper Tubing
-Air Brake Hose
-Truck Vavles
-3 & 4 Way Gas Tank Selector Shut-Off Cocks
-Air Brake Coil Kits (Tractor Trailers)
-Brass Brake Bolt Assemblies
-Gladhand Couplings
-Marine Fuel Valves
-O-Ring Sealed, Solid Bottom Shut-Off Cocks
-Recoil Hose Assemblies
-Quick Coupler Interchange
-Tube Tools
-Automotive Tubing and Hose -1
-Automotive Tubing and Hose -2
-Flexible Fuel/Oil Line Assemblies
-Oil Filter Lines
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