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Catalog  : Safety Products : Head and Facegear Protection Accessories

Mounting systems for fiberglass helmets to caps

  • Mounting Blade Kit
  • Capmount Adapter
  • or Quick Detach Pins (Metal)
Items Available:
W10 HSL 100 Passive
              Welding Helment Capmount Adapter

C10 Bump Cap Suspension

Replacement 4-Point Suspension for C10 Bump Cap
Items Available:
  • 20194, C10 Bump Cap Suspension 
BC 100 Bump Cap

391 Head Hugger

  • Improved Ratchet headgear provides over 30 adjustments for comfortable fit without removing headgear.
  • One (1) piece soft and durable nylon headband with woven nylon crown head straps, absorbant cloth sweatband and two (2) crown height adjustments.
  • Firm, secure fit makes the 391 valuable in caps carrying mounted accessories.
Items Available:
  • 14936, Replacement 4 pt. ratchet suspension (std pk 6)

Replacement Parts

  • Replacement Parts for Hats and Caps
  • 20422 Shown
Items Available:


Charger Replacement
              4 pt Ratchet Suspension

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