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Catalog : Safety Products
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Section 11: Electronic Earmuffs

FALCON With Active Listening

  • Amplifies low level sounds
  • 360 degree micro-ear generates the most natural sound on the market
  • Ultra-low profile cups allow for clearance when working in confined areas
  • Ergonomically designed ear cups for maximum comfort and protection
  • Operates on only two AAA batteries, providing up to 250 hours of active listening
  • Ultra lightweight design - weighs only 10.5 oz
  • Dual independent volume knobs for effortless control
  • Custom padded headband for remarkable comfort
  • Available in Smith and Wesson branded hearing protection

Jackson Safety offers hearing protection and high-performance communication thatís both comfortable and stylish. Earmuffs are designed in styles that can dampen both intermittent or constant high-frequency noise, while still allowing lower-frequency sounds through. Our earmuffs are designed to offer a competitive noise reduction rating (NRR), a measurement that indicates how much hearing protection a unit offers.
NRR 22
Items Available:
  • 18713, NRR 22 Falcon

Note: Please make sure to let us know the best way to contact you!

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