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Catalog : Safety Products
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Section 11: Safety Garment Accessories

ANSI Reflective Ball Caps

  • 1/2 wide super bright silver retroflective tape
  • Breathable, washable mesh fabric
  • Adjustable Velcro strap (one size fits all)

Items Available:
ANSI Reflective Ball
                                              Caps ORANGE with SILVER
                                              Reflective Stripe

Smith and Wesson Skull Cap

  • Washable flame retardant fabric
  • Air cushioned, sweat absorbent insert acts as built-in sweatband
  • Athletic mesh lining improves the sweat evaporation process, keeping your head cooler
  • Reusable
  • One size fits all with tie closer for a secure fit
SMITH & WESSON is a registered trademark of Smith & Wesson Corp. Used with Permission under License.

Items Available:
  • 20344, Blue Skull Cap

Drybrow Sweatbands

  • AA-100. Packaged 25/bag; individually sleeved for increased shelf life
  • AA-101. Packaged 100/bag; not individually sleeved
  • AA-103. Packaged 25/bag; not individually sleeved
  • DB-801. Economy Price Range. Packaged 100/bag
  • DB-803. Packaged 25/bag
  • AA-102. Deluxe clip-on. Packaged 25/bag
  • 3005337 Shown
  • Keep cool and prevent perspiration from running into your eyes in hot, humid conditions with Jackson Safety specialized sweatbands.

Items Available:
  • 16750, AA-100
  • 16751, AA-101
  • 16753, AA-103
  • 16754, DB-801
  • 18438, DB-803
  • 16752, AA-102

Note: Please make sure to let us know the best way to contact you!

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