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1500 Series /Lithium Complex Greases (flyer)
  • Can withstand higher operating temperatures than traditional lithium greases
  • Tacky, adhesive and water-resistant
  • Industrial, automotive & heavy-duty construction applications
  • Available in NLGI Grades 00, 0, 1 & 2
Poly HP-2 /Polyurea-thickened grease
  • Meets specification of electric motor bearing manufacturers
  • Formulated with the highest quality parrafinic base oils available
  • Fortified with corrosion and oxidation inhibitors
  • Excellent choice for high-speed electric motor bearings
SPO Series /Gear, Bearing & Way Oils
  • Designed for a wide variety of industrial applications such as gear cases, machine ways, chains and general purpose applications
  • Excellent demulsibility, oxidation resistance and thermal stability
  • Anti-wear properties compatible with brass, bronze and silver-alloy
  • Meets AGMA 2 through AGMA 8
HO Series /Multi-functional Oils
  • For use in hydraulic applications, air compressors, turbines, gear cases and general lubrication
  • Fluid Zinc for anti-wear properties
  • High natural V.I. for stable viscosities throughout a wider temperature range
  • High Aniline Points for controlled seal-swelling characteristics

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