Motor Oils
Super GPO Series

These multi-purpose motor oils are engineered for naturally aspirated or turbo-charged diesel, gasoline or LP gas engines. One oil for all mixed fleets. Autos, trucks, heavy-duty trucks and construction equipment. API service CF-4 (15W-40 and 10W-30), CE, CD, SH, SG, SF. Meets Detroit Diesel CD-II. Meets and exceeds manufacturer's specifications, including MACK EO-L and Caterpillar TO-2/12TBN, Allison C-3 and C-4. Meets military specifications MIL-L-2104E and MIL-L-46152E. Available in SAE grades 10W, 30, 40, 10W-30 and 15W-40.

Super Lo-Hi-Vis Series

Multi-viscosity, fully detergent, all weather oils. They flow freely at very low temperatures. Formulated to retard the formation of sludge, varnish and carbon deposits. Energy conserving. For service SH, SG, SF, CD. Meets military specification MIL-L-46152E. Meets and exceeds major automotive requirements. Available in SAE grades 10W-30, 10W-40 and 20W-50.

Super HDS Series

These fully detergent motor oils are for diesel and gasoline engines. Exclusive formula provides protection against oxidation, corrosion, foaming and wear. For service SH, SG, SF, CD. Meets military specification MIL-L-46152E. Available in SAE grades 10W, 20, 30, 40, 50.

Super 345

Formulated for 3, 4, 5 and small V6 cylinder gasoline engines to promote easier starting. This oil is a SAE 5W-30 oil that enables small car engines to generate the high "rev's" necessary to spark the engine into starting. Lighter viscosity very helpful in in sub-freezing temperatures. For service SH, SG, SF, CD. Energy conserving II.

Non-Detergent Motor Oil

High quality, non-detergent motor oils for older cars and trucks where detergent oils are not required or desired. For service SA. Available in SAE grades 10W, 20, 30, 40, 50.

Super 50 to 1, 2-Cycle Oil

Not diluted SAE 40, ashless oil for use in air cooled, 2-cycle engines on motorcycles, motorbikes, snowmobiles, outboards, chain saws, pumps, ATV's and power mowers. Mix as specified by the original equipment manufacturer.

Dexron III / Mercon

Recommended and approved for all GM, Ford (1989 and after) and Chrysler cars.


Developed to meet the increasing demands for a single, multi-functional transmission, hydraulic and wet brake fluid for large tractors. Also for systems of self-propelled machinery such as combines, cotton pickers, hay cubers, etc.

Marine Lubricants
LUBRIPLATE Special Marine Grease

An NLGI 2 polymer type lubricant specifically designed for marine applications of all types. This lithium 12-hydroxy stearate grease is extremely shear stable and resistant to both fresh and salt water, making it the ideal lubricant for all marine needs.

Uses include all pressure fitting applications including boat trailer wheel bearings, winch gears, deck machinery, ground tackle and turnbuckles.

Lubriplate APG Series

Developed to meet the majority of automotive, marine, industrial gear applications, the Military Specification MIL-PRF-2105E and API categories GL-5 and MT-1. Lubriplate APG products have high viscosity indexes ensuring stable products over a wide temperature range, high film strength, high aniline points that make them compatible with seals and gaskets and high resistance to oxidation, sludge and varnish.

Lubriplate Power Trim & Tilt Oil

Specially blended to provide the boater with a high performance, anti-wear hydraulic oil for efficient use in all areas requiring excellent thermal and oxidation stability, shear stbility, water separation and seal protection.


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