Gear, Bearing & Way Oils
SPO Gear and Bearing Lubricants

This series is specifically designed for a wide variety of industrial applications such as gear cases, bearings, chains, machine ways and general oiling. These tacky lubricants will provide anti-wear lubrication for high sliding action in worm gears. They are also excellent for bevel, helical, and spur gears. SPO Lubes can be used with silver alloy, copper and copper alloy bearings. Excellent for use in high moisture and high temperature applications. Meets AGMA 2 through AGMA 8.

Lubriplate SPO-MG

This is a semi-synthetic lubricant formulated with a unique blend of synthetic hydrocarbon and mineral oil base stocks. This base stock combination results in exceptional thermal and oxidation stability, extended drain intervals and improved performance. Lubriplate SPO-MG meets the viscosity requirements of SAE 80W and SAE 140 gear oils.

Lubriplate SYN LUBE Multi-Purpose Fluids

These polyalphaolefin(PAO) based, zinc-free fluids are recommended for many types of hydraulic systems and rotary crew and piston type air compressors. Formulated with state of the art additives, these fluids provide outstanding performance over extended drain intervals. They are also excellent for high temperature bearing, chain and turbine oil applications. Available in ISO Viscosity grades 32, 46, 68 & 100.

SYNAC Series Synthetic Fluids

These diester-based synthetic air compressor fluids are outstanding for applications in which the fluid is subjected to high temperature and high stress conditions over extended drain intervals. Contact our technical service line, 800-347-5343, for both fluid and seal compatibility information and for conversion procedures. Available in 4 ISO grades.

APG Series

Developed to meet most industrial or automotive gear needs. Meets military spec. MIL-L-2105D and API categories GL-3 - GL-5.



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