Multi-Purpose Greases
630 Series

These very popular lubricants are excellent multi-purpose greases made for a wide range of lubrication demands, thus reducing the need to carry large grease inventories. All have high film strength, exceptional resistance to water, steam and other adverse conditions. This series is available in 4 NLGI densities for a variety of applications.

730 Series

These lubricants provide high load carrying ability and anti-wear protection with high resisitance to water, steam and other corrosive action. This series is available in 3 NLGI densities for a wide range of applications and temperatures.

930 Series

The 930 lubricants are formulated for higher temperature applications. They are shear stable, multi-purpose greases for both plain and anti-friction bearings. This series works well up to 375F./191C. and for short intervals up to 400F./204C.. Available in 4 NLGI densities for a wide range of applications.

No. 1200-2

This is an excellent, heavy-duty, multi-purpose grease for both industrial and automotive applications. It provides a high film strength, great shear stability, anti-wear and extreme pressure additives.

1240 Series

Polymer type, viscous, non-corrosive, extreme pressure greases. Highly water resistant, they are designed for applications where the grease is subjected to heavy pressure and shock loads. This series is available in 3 NLGI densities for a wide range of applications and temperatures.

No. 1444

This tacky, polymer grease is specifically formulated for heavy-duty construction and mining equipment. Excellent for slow to moderate speed bearings and chains that are subjected to heat, steam and water. NLGI GC-LB certified.

1500 Series

Lithium complex greases that can be used for a variety of industrial, automotive and heavy-duty construction applications. These rugged, extreme pressure lubricants can withstand higher operating temperatures than traditional lithium multi-purpose greases as well as most lithium complex greases.

No. 1552 and No. 1551 are tacky, adhesive and very water resistant. The film strength and shear stability of these products are exceptional resulting in wear reduction and long lubricant life.

No. 1550 is ideal for heavy load, tight tolerance situations and can be pumped easily through automatic dispensing systems on construction and mining equipment as well as industrial applications.

No. 1500 can be used for a variety of industrial and automotive applications. It is ideally suited for use in leaky gear cases that require a semi-fluid grease. It is also recommended for use in new on-highway trailer wheel bearings where a semi-fluid grease is required. LUBRIPLATE No. 1500 can also be used in centralized lubrication systems, especially those operating at higher temperatures.

No. 3000 and 3000-W

These tacky, moly, extreme pressure greases provide durable, tenacious, adhesive films to protect against water, rust and corrosive contaminants. 3000-W is for cold ambient temperatures. Excellent for construction and mining applications.

Mo-Lith No. 2

This moly-lithium, multi-purpose, extreme pressure lubricant is highly water resistant and is for use where a moly-lithium type lubricant recommended or desired.


This polyurea-thickened lubricating grease is formulated with the highest quality paraffinic base oils available. Fortified with corrosion and oxidation inhibitors, LUBRIPLATE Poly HP-2 is an excellent choice for the lubrication and protection of high-speed electric motor bearings as well as other industrial applications.

Greases for Special Conditions and Applications

Developed for high temperature applications. Non-melt type, workable from approximately 40F./4C. to 510F./266C. and up to 550F./288C. for short intervals.


These greases have cold tests down to -60F./-51C. LOW-TEMP and MAG-1 are extreme pressure lubricants for industrial and construction use. AERO provides low torque and outstanding oxidation resistance.

MAG-00 or No. 5555

These semi-fluid lubricants are made for automatic lubricating systems in cold environments.

100 - 130 Series

These lubricants are water resistant greases designed for plain bearings, cams, slides, and applications where temperatures do not exceed 170F./77C.


Developed specifically for the lubrication of electric motor bearings, fans and other high speed grease type ball and roller bearings.


This lubricant combines a light viscosity oil with a lithium combination thickener that makes it ideal for many high speed applications where fluid friction must be kept to a minimum. Ideal for the small fractional horsepower gear cases and bearings in portable tools.

Brick Grease

Developed for open slot and open well type bearings where the brick grease rides directly on the bearing shaft.

Greases for Open Gearing
No. 176 Open Gear Grease

This grease is designed to provide good pumpability and sprayability without the use of harmful volatile solvents. Yet it retains the adhesiveness and tenacity that is required to successfully lubricate and protect open gearing of all types. It is also excellent for large sleeve bearings, slides, dipper sticks, rails and house rollers.

Gear Shield Series

Made for all types of open gears. Gear Shield Extra Heavy is for adverse conditions and where gears are exposed to abrasive conditions such as quarry and mining operations. Low-Temp Gear Shield is for cold weather applications.


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