Heavy-Duty Hydraulic Fluids
HO Series Hydraulic Oils

These heavy-duty, high pressure hydraulic oils are formulated to provide superior performance in hydraulic systems. They contain fluid zinc to effectively reduce ring and vane wear and provide long lasting, smooth operation in all types of hydraulic systems. They have excellent anti-rust, anti-corrosion, anti-foam and anti-oxidation properties. High aniline points ensure long seal life with fewer leaks. They can withstand elevated temperatures and high pressures over extended drain intervals. High natural V.I. provides stable viscosities over a wider operating temperature range. Outstanding cleanliness characteristics for today's close tolerance hydraulic system components. Recommended for hydraulic systems and bearing oil applications. Available in 7 different grades.

Lubriplate Special Hydraulic Oils

HO-32, HO-46 and HO-68 meet the requirements and are approved by Cincinatti-Milacron specification P-68, P-69 and P-70. Also, Abex-Denison HF-0 and HF-2, and they are accepted by Vickers specification M-2950-S.

Special Low Temperature Hydraulic Oils

Lubriplate MV-HO Multi-Viscosity Hydraulic Oil, Special Low Pour Hydraulic Oil and Minus 70 Hydraulic Oil are included and are for low temperature applications.

Lubriplate SYN LUBE Multi-Purpose Fluids

These polyalphaolefin(PAO) based, zinc-free fluids are recommended for many types of hydraulic systems and rotary crew and piston type air compressors. Formulated with state of the art additives, these fluids provide outstanding performance over extended drain intervals. They are also excellent for high temperature bearing, chain and turbine oil applications. Available in ISO Viscosity grades 32, 46, 68 & 100.

Hydraulic Jack Oil

A heavy-duty, high pressure hydraulic fluid with anti-wear and anti-corrosion additives. Recommended for all hydraulic jacks.

FISKE AW Hydraulic Oils

High performance, anti-wear products for all types of hydraulic and recirculating systems found on industrial, construction and automotive equipment. They are fortified with rust and oxidation inhibitors and have outstanding demulsibility. The anti-wear additive package helps minimize the formation of sludge and other corrosive by-products which can cause reduction of pump life, filter blocking and interfere with efficient hydraulic power transfer. All three FISKE AW Hydraulic Oils have been designed to meet Cincinnati Milacron and Vickers hydraulic oil specifications. Their high aniline points help prolong seal life. Available in ISO grades 32, 46 & 68.


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