Machine Tool Lubricants

Lubriplate machine oils are compounded to impart a unique load carrying film, exceptional lubricity and anti-friction properties not found in conventional oils of the same viscosity.

No. 0

This SAE 5W type oil is for extremely high speed applications up to 100,000 RPM. Spindle lubrication and grinder arbor bearings.

No. 1

A light SAE 10W type oil for spindles, grinder arbors and other type high speed bearings.

No. 2

This is a SAE 20 oil for light general oil applications. Excellent for ring oiled bearings, wick feeds, bottle oilers and oil cups.

No. 3V

A SAE 20 oil designed for combination machine tool way lubrication and bearing applicatiion. Ring oiled bearings, oil cups, circulating systems. Tacky.

No. 3

This is a SAE 30 oil with similar applications to No. 2, but where a heavier weight oil is needed. Tacky.

No. 4

SAE 40 oil rated SAE 90 Gear. For medium to medium-slow speed, heavy-duty bearings, enclosed gear cases, gearhead motors and heavy way lubricant. Excellent film strength and clinging properties. Tacky.

No. 8

SAE 70 oil or SAE 140 Gear rating. This oil is ideal for all types of enclosed gears when a SAE 140 Gear lube is specified. For slow speed, heavy-duty bearings, worm gears. High film strength and clinging qualities. Tacky.


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