Fiske Metal Working Fluids
405 Cutting Oil

405 Cutting Oil is especially recommended for use on low or high carbon steels, alloys and stainless steels where difficult conditions of service are encountered. The unusually high extreme pressure content of this active sulfur product provides optimum results in prolonged tool life, improved finish, more accurate cuts, greater production and reduced labor cost. Excellent for pipe threading and heavy-duty applications. Not recommended for brass, bronze, copper or aluminum.

Darl No. 2 Cutting Oil

Darl No. 2 Cutting Oil is a combination sulfurized-fatty type mineral oil produced under exacting conditions, offering superior tool life and finish as a multi-purpose cutting oil.

Darl No. 2 Cutting Oil is recommended for all types of machining operations, working with both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. It is especially recommended for difficult low carbon steel work, such as tapping, threading, broaching, gear cutting and piercing. Ideal for working with a wide variety of metals such as carbon steel, copper, brass and aluminum.

No. 35 Soluble Oil

No. 35 Soluble Oil is a conventional type soluble oil producing a milky white emulsion. The coupler is of the non-volatile, stabilizing type, producing an emulsion that will not separate, decompose or evaporate. It will not gum or cause rust. It is noted for its non-foaming features, making it suitable for grinding and cutting operations. It possesses a maximum of lubricating and cooling properties and has good heat radiating qualities which are important factors as they permit higher operating speeds resulting in increased tool life and production.

Cut-N-Cool (Heavy-Duty Soluble Oil)

Cut-N-Cool (Heavy-Duty Soluble Oil) combines the machining efficiency of a cutting oil with the cooling ability of water all in one product.

  • Sulfurized and chlorinated compounds have been added - The same effective bases have been added to Cut-N-Cool that normally are added only to straight cutting oils. The supply of sulfurized and chlorinated additives present in an emulsion of Cut-N-Cool is so high that machining efficiency is comparable to a general purpose straight cutting oil. 
  • Gives substantially longer tool life, improved finish and more accurate cuts - The extreme pressure components (sulfur and chlorine) in Cut-N-Cool provide performance characteristics that are far better than general-purpose soluble oils. Metal "build-up" at the cutting tool edge is minimized or eliminated resulting in machining efficiencies associated with more costly undiluted oils.
  • Keeps work cooler - There is less friction with correspondingly less heat to carry away. The heat that is generated is cooled by water, a material twice as effective as a cutting oil in cooling ability.
  • Curtails traditional problems - A generous supply of germicides have been added to Cut-N-Cool to retard rancidity and dermatitis. Rust inhibitors have been added to provided maximum protection against ferrous corrosion. More expensive emulsifiers have been used that resist oxidation, the cause of gummy deposits -- moving parts of your machine do not stick.
  • Economical - Cut-N-Cool represents the real economy when you consider increased production afforded, longer tool life, better-looking finished work, longer emulsion life, reduced labor expense by eliminating unproductive work, etc.

HP-76 is a synthetic, water soluble fluid recommended for grinding as well as machining. HP-76 is recommended for both ferrous and non-ferrous metals as well as for the exotic types of metals so widely used today. HP-76 can produce transparent dispersions at any dilution giving machine operators visibility of the work.

Outstanding features of HP-76 are:

  • Low foaming properties
  • Exceptional high film strength and excellent anti-weld properties
  • Completely stable, once diluted it will not separated
  • Highly transparent at any dilution
  • Possesses inherent cleaning properties that keep both the machine and work clean and free of gumming and sticking
Metal Working Fluid Spray

A specially developed product for metal working operations. Excellent for drilling, tapping, sawing and grinding. Packed in handy 12 oz. / 340 g. spray can.


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