Chain Oils
Chain & Cable Fluid /Chain & Cable Heavy

Superior penetrating oils that clean and lubricate without gumming up. Ideal for wire rope, chains, cables, hinges, springs, slides and other moving metal parts. Protects bright work. Excellent oils to loosen rusty nuts and bolts. Ideal for tapping and drilling.

Super Chain Oil

This is a heavy polymer, tenacious, high flash point oil containing micro-fine graphite for smokeless lubrication of oven chains. Excellent for bakery ovens, drying ovens where temperatures do not exceed 450°F./232°C. Also works well on floor chain conveyors, car wash lines, assembly lines. Flash point 520°F./271°C. Fire point 600°F./316°C.

High Temp Synthetic Fluids 68 and 220

100% ester based synthetic lubricants recommended for use on bakery oven chains, drying oven chains, tenter frame chains, heat treating chains, paint curing oven chains and any other type of bearing/slide/gearbox application where they are exposed to high operating temperatures and must maintain a clean lubricated surface. Available in ISO viscosity grades 68 and 220.

Specialty Lubricants
Air Tool Lubricant

Designed for both rotary and reciprocating types of air tools such as hammers, impact wrenches, air motors, grinders, reamers and drills. Proven excellent for air line lubricant, used effectively on lift cylinders of can fillers in breweries and bottling plants.

Metal Working Fluid

A specially developed product for metal working operations. Excellent for drilling, tapping, sawing and grinding.

X-357 Lubricant

A special extreme pressure lubricant that penetrates and adheres, water resistant and unaffected by temperature extremes. Use on pintle hooks, slide axles, open gears, fifth wheels. Contains moly-disulfide.

Gear Shield Extra Heavy Spray

Developed for easy lubrication of open gears. A tough tacky grease for adverse conditions and where gears are exposed to abrasive conditions such as quarry and mining operations. Excellent for fifth wheel applications. Packed in handy 12 oz. / 340 g. spray can.

No. 107 Concrete Form Release

This soft grease can easily be sprayed over the casting providing immediate release once the concrete is set. White in color, it will not stain the casting.

Hydraulic Jack Oil

A heavy-duty, high pressure hydraulic fluid with anti-wear and anti-corrosion additives. Recommended for all hydraulic jacks.

Rock Drill Oils 10R & 30R

Engineered for all types of rock drills, air hammers and other pneumatic tools used in the construction and mining industries. Available in SAE 10W & 30, with the lighter weight oil suggested for cold weather conditions.

Bar & Chain Oil

Formulated with special anti-wear additives to provide maximum protection to the bar and chain of all makes of chainsaws. Available in SAE grade 20. Good adhesion properties provide excellent resistance to "throw off" action.

Heat Transfer Oil

This high viscosity, high flash and fire point oil is designed for exceptional heat transfer properties. It is for use on oil type heat exchangers in asphalt plants, roofer tar kettles and curing machines. Flash point 525°F./274°C. Fire point 600°F./316°C.

Mist Oil

Designed to meet optimum requirements of mist applicators or fogging oil systems. The use of special oils formulated with special additives assures proper misting qualities. Mist oil provides superior wear protection against heavy loads. For machine tools, grinders and conveyor systems. SAE 30.


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