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Catalog : Welding, Torch Propane & Solder
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Section 1: Shark Welding - Professional Abrasives and Welding Accessories
 - Table of Contents

Section 2: TurboTorch
- Air/Acetylene X- Kits
- Air/Acetylene Pro-Line Kits
- Air/Acetylene Sof-Flame Kits
- Air/LP Kits
- Air/LP Pro-Line Kits
- Brazing and Soldering Alloys
- Cylinders and Tanks
- Hand Torches
- Miscellaneous Accessories
- Nitrogen Regulators and Purge Kits, Replacement Guages
- Oxy-Acetylene CWK Kits
- Oxy-Acetylene 100-Series Kits
- Oxy-Acetylene Specialty Tips
- Plasma Cutting Systems
- Self-Lighting Snake Kits & Hand Torches
- Tank Carriers and Totes
Section 3: Wypo
- Tip Cleaning Kits and Tip Resurfacing Tools
Section 4: Western
- Crimp Tools, Hose Repair Kits, Leak Test Solution, Brass Cylinder Adapters & Hose Clamps
- Hose Braces, Filling Yokes, Cylinder Pressure Testing Guages and Check Valves
- Flashback Arrestor Bodies, Arrestor Sets, Check Valves, Rigid Pigtails, Quick Connect Sets and Regulator Guages
- Regulator Inlet Nipples and Regulator Inlet Replacement O-Rings
- Regulator Inlet Nuts, Regulator Inlet Replacement Tips and Regulator Inlet Washers
- Rigid Pigtails, Quick Connect Sets, Stainless Flexible Pigtails, Inflators and Flow Guage Regulators
- Flowmeter, Single Stage. Purging/Testing, High Delivery, Manifold and Preset Flow Regulators
- Gas Savers, High Delivery Pressure Regulators, Stem Regulators, Propane Tools and "Y" Connections
- Brass Hose Ferrules, Brass Hose Spliceers, Flare Tubing Connections, Brass Safety Relief Valves and Cryogenic Transfer Hoses
- Barbed Hose Nipples and Brass Hose Adaptors
- Arc Adaptors, Couplers, Hose & Torch Adapters, Hose Couplers, Nipples, Nuts, Power Cable Adapters, Nipple and Connector Assemblies
- Chain & Plug Assemblies, Hose Couplers, Outlet Adaptors for Mainifold Pipelines and Hose Nuts
- Outlet Adapters, 3-Way & 4-Way Outlet Coupler Tees, Manifold Block Assemblies and Dust Cap Assemblies
- Manifold Coupler Tees, Manifold Tubing Adapter Bushings, Gas Flow Valves, Pipe Thread Adapters, and Pipe Crosses, Elbows and Tees
- Pipe Thread Bushings, Caps, Plugs, Couplings, Crosses, Hex Nipples, Elbows, Extension Adapters, Nipples and Reducer Bushings
- Reducer Couplings, Tees, Nipple Filters, Hose Nipples, Cartridge Valves, Outlet Bushings, Pipe Nipples and Torch Tip Nut Replacements
- Valved "Y" Connections and Valves
Section 5: Weldcraft
- Accessory Kits, QCS Kits, Couplers, Adapters, Couplers, Back Caps, Collet Bodies and Collets
- Collet Bodies & Collets
- Nozzles, Gaskets, Insulators, Inserts and Sleeves
- Nozzle Gaskets, Switch Boots, Stubby Gaskets, Repair Kits, Hoses, O-Rings, Switches, Power Cables and Kits
- Handles, Kit Boxes, On-Off Switches, Assemblies, Valve Knob & Stem, Flex Heads, Coil Elements, Torch Bodies and Kits
- Cable Covers and Wire Clamps

Section 6: Weld-Aid
- Lube-Matic Liquid, Lube and Wire Kleener Pads, Anti-Spatter, Torch Coolant and Nozzle Kleener Tools
Section 7: Victor
- Adjustable Head Attachments, Arrestors, Torch Plain Paks, Flow Check Valves, Welding & Cutting Outfits, Cutting Tips
- Cutting Tips, Nozzles, Elbows, Handles, Attachments, Cutting Torches
- Regulators, Flowmeters and Flowguages

Section 8: Tweco
- Torch Parts, Electrodes and Holders, Contact Tips, Conductor Tubes and Diffusers
- Insulators, Wire Conduits, Mig Guns and Nozzles
- Ground Clamps, Adhesives and Tapes

Section 9: J.W. Harris
- Spooled Aluminum Wires, Flux, Solder & Brazing Alloys
Section 10: Jackson
- Hearing Protectors, Eyeglasses, Deflectors, Goggles, Cap Adaptors & Face Shields
- Welding Helmet Headgear and Parts, Safety Caps, Auto Darkening Helmets, Handshields, Welding Helmets, Electrodes and Ground Clamps

Section 11: Goss Torch Tools
- Oxy Fuel - Welding Cutting Kits
- Oxy Fuel - Cutting welding torches
- Oxy Fuel - Cutting and welding tips
- Oxy Fuel - regulators-hose
- Oxy Fuel, stands - check valves
- Air-Acetylene soldering and brazing kits
- Air-Acetylene torches and tips
- Air-Acetylene regulators and hose stands
- Air Propane soldering heating kits
- Air Propane torches and tips
- Air Propane combination torches and tips
- Air Propane Roofing torch kits
- Air Propane Hi BTU kits and torches
- Air Propane hand torches
- Air Propane regulators - hose stands
- Air Propane outdoor furnaces
- Air Propane soldering irons
- Accessories - cylinders and filler metals
- Nitrogen - regulators and stands
- Airco / CONCOA tips
- Air Products
- Harris tips
- Koike tips
- Marquette
- Meco
- Oxweld - ESAB
- Purox - ESAB
- REXARC - Rego
- Smith
- Victor
Section 12: Elec. MRO
- Butane tool refills
More to come!
Note: Please make sure to let us know the best way to contact you!

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