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1793  ACID DETERGENT, Phosphoric

  A mild, non-fuming phosphoric acid detergent.  Cleans, restores and de-stains brick, 

  concrete, terrazzo, stone floors and walls.  Dissolves and removes rust, scale, scum

  and minerals from acid resistant surfaces.  Cleans and de-scales water and gas meters.  

  No odor, no color. pH full strength = .5; diluted 1 to 1 = .5.


93  ACI-DET, Inhibited Hydrochloric

  A strong hydrochloric acid (previously called muriatic acid) cleaner and deoxidizer for 

  removing alkali scale and mineral deposits from swimming pools, drinking fountains,

  water cooling towers, water meters and cooling coils.  To clean excess mortar from

  building exteriors and to etch old concrete floors before applying seal coatings.  Use 

  with caution.  Read label and M.S.D.S. precautions.  USDA (A-3), 36% HCI. 

  pH full strength <.5; 1 to 1 = .5.



  Acid cleaner to remove soils and mineral build-ups on coils, condensers, filters etc.,

  of heat exchange equipment.  Mix from 1:1 to 1:5 with water, spray on and rinse off.  

  Contains phosphoric and hydrofluoric acid.  Do not allow contact with glass.  Read

  label and M.S.D.S. for warnings and precautions.  pH <.5.



  Removes scale and mineral deposits such as lime and alkali from stainless steel dish-

  washers, steam tables and equipment, ice cube machines, autoclaves, sterilizers,

  drinking fountains and air conditioning towers.  Great for cleaning coils in pressure

  washer machines.  Contains inhibited hydrochloric acid.  Caution:  Corrosive USDA

  (A-3).  Read label and M.S.D.S. for warnings and precautions.



  A concentrated blend of hydrofluoric and three other acids to clean and brighten

aluminum.  Do not allow aluminum brightener to contact glass, anodized aluminum, chrome or magnesium surfaces.  For use on trailers, tank trucks, air conditioner fins and coils and other aluminum surfaces.  Removes dirt, rust, scale, scum, and diesel exhaust

stains.  May be used in a foam application system.  Highly acidic; use with extreme caution.  Dilution 1:20.  Read label fully and M.S.D.S. for warnings and precautions. 




  A highly concentrated low pH acid replacement cleaner.  This product contains safe acid    technology that replaces hydrofluoric and other acids and is safe to use.  This product

will not “frost” glass.  For use in automated systems for fleets and passenger vehicles.  Effectively removes oxidation, brake dust, road film, calcium, limescale and silicate deposits.  The greater the dwell time you can allow up to 1 minute, the greater the results. A great product to be used as a presoak when removing “mag ” chloride.  Eliminates the need to file a risk management under EPCRA as you would when using HF.  Ships as non-regulated, non hazardous in the U.S.  Dilute up to 1:200.  pH 1.4-1.7 undiluted.


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Note: Please make sure to let us know the best way to contact you!
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