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10% phosphoric acid based bathroom, porcelain cleaner, thick clinging type, blue color, nice clean odor.  Excellent for ceramic tile, sinks, tubs, shower stalls, chrome, toilet bowls and urinals. Our best selling bathroom cleaner.  Used in the finest hotels and motels and by  many professional cleaning services.  pH full strength = 1; 1:32 = 1.5.


1735  SURPRISE 25

  25% phosphoric acid based bathroom porcelain cleaner for those really tough jobs caused by hard water and mineral deposits.  Thick viscosity.  Green color and a light mint scent. pH full strength = .5; 1:32 = 1.0.



  Toilet and urinal cleaner. A thickened, clinging, cherry almond scented 5% hydrochloric acid based cleaner and deodorizer.  Removes stains, salt deposits, mineral build-ups, scale, rust and water spots. For tubs, sinks, toilets, tile, urinals and drinking fountains. DO NOT  MIX WITH BLEACH OR CHLORINE OR ANY PRODUCTS CONTAINING THESE  ITEMS.  Do not allow contact with carpet. pH full strength = .5.



23% Hydrochloric acid based bowl and bathroom cleaner.  Pleasant cherry almond scent. Excellent for extreme hard water deposits, mineral build ups, salt deposits and rust.  Meant for those really tough cleaning situations.  Will clean with ease.  The greater the dwell time the better it cleans. DO NOT MIX WITH BLEACH OR CHLORINE OR ANY PRODUCTS CONTAINING THESE ITEMS. Do not allow contact with carpet. pH full strength =.5.


235  N.A.B

  Non-acid bowl cleaner. A high viscosity, clinging, non-acid, total bathroom cleaner that is safe on all surfaces.  Actually cleans and polishes chrome fixtures.  N.A.B. is a blend of surfactants and chelating agents that remove up to two weeks of scale build-up, soap scum,   body oils and greases.  It leaves bathroom sinks, tubs, toilets, floors and cultured marble clean and sparkling.  Will not harm carpets, clothes, skin, or eyes if accidental contact occurs.  Fresh scent fragrance, green color.  pH full strength = 11.0; 1:32 = 10.5 to 11. USDA (C-2) authorized.


1293  LATHER UP High Foaming Shower Cleaner

  Ultra high foaming acid shower cleaner when used through a foamer. Removes mineral build-ups. Adheres to vertical walls to provide the best cleaning ability. Has a pleasant scent and no color. The ideal cleaner for any shower room.



A ready to use polish and cleaner designed for granite and marble countertops and surfaces.  Its water based silicone/surfactant blends allows for easy cleaning and polishing.  Cleans, polishes and protects in one step.  Great for kitchen and bathroom stone countertops.  Also serves as an anti stat agent to prevent static and soil re-deposition.  Dries quickly to a durable finish. Clean citrus scent.


1737  LIME OUT

  A highly concentrated phosphoric acid based delimer and descaler.  Non-abrasive. Dissolves scale, mineral build-ups, water spots, rust and scum, caused by lime, iron and other minerals.  Effective on tile, sinks, tubs, toilets, chrome, fiberglass, stainless steel and shower doors.  Dilute 1:32 with water. Blue color, lemon scent. Has non-butyl grease cutting agents.



  A pure, natural citrus d-limonene solvent, biodegradable, for heavy duty degreasing, drain opening, deodorizing, non-corrosive, non-caustic, non-acid; no petroleum distillates, no chlorinated solvents.  Use full strength or dilute with water for economy; rinses off with    water.  Flash point over 110° F.  Has high solvency power. Pre-test before using on    plastics.  Excellent tar and road oil remover.  Cleans off forklift tire marks on cement. 100% biodegradable.  The best product available for removing adhesives and glues.



  Contains a balanced blend of five strains of non-pathogenic, aerobic and anaerobic, high enzyme producing bacteria plus stabilizing and suspending agents. A pleasantly perfumed  liquid containing no acids, no caustics and no corrosive ingredients.  5-zyme digests    organic waste, reducing the volume of solids and odors. Use weekly to maintain drains and grease traps.  Excellent for removing pet and human urine, vomit and defecation odors and stains from carpets, textiles and laundry.  Over 200 billion organisms per gallon. USDA approved.



  Drain and trap cleaner and odor eliminator.  The double action of enzymes and  d-Limonene solvent, to loosen and digest fats, oils, grease, cellulose, proteins and starches. Non-toxic to humans and pets. This is not an acid based product and is totally safe for septic systems, leach fields, sewer lines, (cast iron, copper and plastic), floor drains, indoor  plumbing and fixtures.



An alkaline alternative to more dangerous acid based drain pipe openers.  It will reduce the chance for “blow back” that can be seen with sulfuric acid based products. It still must be used with care.  Follow label directions. It will dissolve grease buildups.  For use on clogged drains.  Product is heavier than water so it will sink to the point of blockage. Can be used as a drain opener or maintainer to keep drains open before they clog.

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Note: Please make sure to let us know the best way to contact you!
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