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GRK Screw Selection Guide

Cabinettm Screw: Used for cabinet and in some cases vinyl siding installation.

The Cabinettm screw is self-tapping with a built in washer head, W-Cut thread design and

ClimatekTM coated. They are available in 7 sizes: 1"1/4 to 3"1/8.

PAN Head Screw: For use in electrical applications, sheet metal, plastic,

particle-board and wood. Available in sizes: 4 x 1/2" to 9 x 2"1/2.

Top StarTM Shim Screw: Use for installation of wooden window and door frames, insulation

and paneling, built-in wall units and cabinets. No hassles, reduces labor and eliminates


Vinyl WindowTM Screw: For vinyl window installation. Eliminates shimming.

CaliburnTM Screw: Concrete flat head screw.

CaliburnTM PH Screw: Concrete pan head screw.

CaliburnTM XL Screw: Concrete flat washer head screw.

The CaliburnTM line of screws, are for concrete and masonry

applications. They come in 1/4 x 1"1/4 to 19/64 x 5".

MSSTM Metal Siding Screw: Choose the MSSTM Zip-Tip for metal to wood applications or

MSSTM Drill-Tip for metal to metal applications. The MSSTM features a recessed drive,

powder coated heads in many colors and no pre-drilling. The MSSTM screw comes in

White, Galvanized, Green, Red, Brown, and Beige.


Note: Please make sure to let us know the best way to contact you!

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