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Catalog : Clips And Auveco Products & Fasteners
Section 7: Metric Items

Page 42: Phillips & Slotted Pan Head, Slotted Flat Fillister Head & Phillips Oval Head Machine Screws,
Page 43: Slotted Flat Head Machine Screws & DIN 931 & DIN 933 Hex Head Cap Screws
Page 44: DIN 931 & DIN 933 Hex Head Cap Screws
Page 45: J.I.S Small Head Cap Screws & DIN 960 & DIN 961 Fine Pitch Hex Head Cap Screws
Page 46: Hex, Low & Flat Head Socket Cap Screws
Page 47: Socket Set Screws - Cup Point & Hex Keys
Page 48: Hex Head Sems® Split Wave Washer Body Bolts for Import Cars & With Flat Washers & Hex Head Sems® Body Bolts
Page 49: Hex Flange Serrated Bolts, J.I.S. Small head HEx Flange Bolts & Torx® Round Washer Head Body Bolts
Page 50: Metrix Hex Head Sems® Bolts - Type CA
Page 51: Body Bolts
Page 52: Body Bolts
Page 53: Body Bolts
Page 54: Body Bolts
Page 55: Body Bolts & Special Tapping Screws Torx® Head
Page 56: Special Tapping Screws & Torx® Insert Bits for Torx® Screws
Page 57: Special Tapping Screws
Page 58: Special Tapping Screws
Page 59: Special Tapping Screws
Page 60: Special Tapping Screws
Page 61: Carriage & Bumper Bolts
Page 62: Threaded Rod & Cylinder Head and Manifold Studs
Page 63: DIN 934 Regular & Fine Pitch, J.I.S Small, Machine Screw (Jam) Hex Nuts & Nylon Insert Lock Nuts & Copper Plated Lock Nuts
Page 64: Free Spinning Washer Nuts & Flange Lock Nuts
Page 65: Hex Flange Nuts, Spin Lock Nuts With Serrations, Nylon Coated Acorn Nuts, Hex Lock Nuts & Wing Nuts
Page 66: Washer Lock Nuts, Washer Type Self-Threading Nuts, Push-On Retainers & Pushnut Bolt Retainers
Page 67: Tubular Type Nuts
Page 68: Cage Nuts, "U" & "J" Nuts
Page 69: "U" & "J" Nuts
Page 70: Extruded "U" Nuts
Page 71: Flat Washers DIN 125, Lock Washers DIN 127, Spring Washers DIN 137 & Copper Washers
Page 72: Retaining Rings Internal, External & Type "E"
Page 73: Grease Fittings
Page 74: Grease Fittings with Ball Check, Expansion Plugs & Cotter Pins
Page 75: Screw Checker, Pitch Gauge & Bolt & Nut Gauge & Thread Pitches Table
Page 76: Inch Fractions And Decimals to Metric Equivalents
Page 77: Inch Fractions And Decimals to Metric Equivalents & U.S. Standard Gauge Chart

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By Section:
Section 1: Tapping Screws
Section 2: Cap Screws, Carriage Bolts, Frame Bolts, Machine Screws, Set Screws, Stanless Steel Fasteners & Stove Bolts
Section 3: Body Bolts, Bumper Bolts & Special Carriage Bolts
Section 4: Special Tapping Screws
Section 5: License Plate
Section 6: Cylinder Head And Manifold Studs & Threaded Rod
Section 7: Metric Items
Section 8: Nuts: Standards And Specials & Wheel Studs And Nuts
Section 9: Heli-Coils®, Keenserts®, Nuts: Extruded "U" Flat, "J", Tubular And "U", Nutserts®, Teenuts® & Well Nuts®
Section 10: Clevis Pins, Cotter Pins, Plug Buttons, Retaining Rings, Shims, Spring Pins, Springs, Straight Keys, Washers, Woodruff Keys & Yoke Ends
Section 11: Connectors, Air Line Couplings, Hose & Tubing
Section 12: Cable Ties, Electrical Accessories & Wire Loom Clips
Section 13: Brass Fittings, Grease Fittings And Grease Fitting Accessories & Oil Drain Plugs And Gaskets
Section 14: Drill Bits & Rivets
Section 15: Assortments, AuvecoPaks, Cabinets, Drawers & Special Racks
Section 16: Glass Setting Channel, Grommets, Hold Down Straps, "O" Rings, Rubber Bumpers & Caps, Tire Valves, Weatherstrip & Windshield Filler Strip
Section 17: Glass Shop Supplies
Section 18: Horns, O.E.M. Air Conditioning, Heater Fan And Radiator Fan Motors, O.E.M. Power Window Lift Motors & Gear Kits
Section 19: Canvas And Curtain Fasteners, Snap Fasteners, Trimming Sundries And Fasteners & Truck Seat Springs
Section 20: AMC, Chrysler, Ford & GM Clips And Fasteners
Section 21: Key Blanks, Locks, Lock hardware & Accessories
Section 22: Gas Filled Lift Supports & Hardware
Section 23: Import Car Clips And Fasteners
Section 24: Universal Moulding Fasteners
Section 25: Ball Joint Assemblies
Section 26: Hose Clamps & Tubing Clamps
Section 27: Auveco Body Sealer, Seam Sealer, Seam-N-Joint Sealer, Auveco Flex, Rigid Set & Fixit Quik Epoxy Putty
Section 28: Miscellaneous Items
Section 29: Kraft Boxes, Tools & Lubrication Items

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